Saturday, April 24, 2010

Approaching Midnight

I have figured out how to use the new camera!
( a round of applause please!)
So I think an update on one of the blocks I have been working on is long overdue.
the picnic table is a lovely place to work. Some of the pictures are sideways but the new camera works a treat! closeups of this are spectacular! this is the prince's castle.

Here is Cinderella's fan, no one goes to a ball with out a fan to flirt behind!
the orange circle will be a clock face eventually
in some of the original stories (before it got disneyfied) there were three balls with a different outfit for each night, the second of which had gold shoes.
her horse and carriage was free handed, I haven't decided weather I will fill it in yet or not. It all depends on how ambitious I get!
the driver will, however, get a head when the blocks are joined together, for anyone who is worried!) the upside down bird patch still needs to be addressed. maybe I'll cover it with more flowers and call it good.
the patch under the castle still needs a little work, I'm planning on placing clock faces around the block and maybe i can find a glass slipper charm some where.

the weather in Seattle has been unseasonably warm and sunny so I have been taking advantage of it by riding my bike. we're at the top of a hill so we will see how well I do getting back up it! my last time out I only had to push it up the last three blocks or so. those are a work out pushing as they are trying to pedal since it's at a 60* angle! Wish me luck!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

More quilt rescue

This time it's my youngest DD's quilt.
It's my 1st quilt ever!

I originally made this one for my son before he was born.
it's held up well considering I made it almost 20 years ago! but as you can see it's in pretty bad shape.

best part is she got to pick out all the fabric I used to fix it
and I got it done in 2 weeks as opposed to the tortuous
3-4 patches when I had time.
I think the only remaining original fabric in it is the
original backing that is now the foundation.
it has almost no batting in it but what is left of the older
patches seems to work just as well.

and now it looks almost brand new!
in fact my DD#2 was saying she will have to love it in all over again because its so stiff

(I will update with pictures in a few days)

Friday, April 16, 2010

I'm going to Hawaii!

Yep ! I am! My wonderful lovely dear BF has gotten us 2 tickets to Hawaii for two Whole weeks!!! I couldn't be more excited! and We will be there (almost) through my BD, so Happy Birthday to me!)

I have to figure out what to bring to keep me company on the plane ride out. something small and compact with out too many parts.
lets see, would it be too prosaic to take the hawaii CQ?
should I start something new?
what do I have in my stash that needs work, aside from everything?

OOh and I have to clean! eek!
I hate coming home to a dirty house!
I soo excited or did I say that already?

Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring break

the Children came to visit from chicago for spring break,
I had a good time taking them to a few places around town.
snoqualmie falls was our first stop.

we took in alice in wonderland at crossroads theater and a little mall crawling for the girls. it was interesting, I got caught up more in the visuals and not so much the story. It's tim burton after all and He excells in visuals but realy he only makes movies, to show everyone how clever he is.

the bremmerton shipyards and Ferryboat ride into seattle.
I wish we had more time to visit the naval museum as well as the battleship but alas we had to get back .It was lovely to see the DS engaged in something he loves and exploring battleships is a true love. I know this by the deep inhalation the minute he was aboard the old vessel, it smelled of deasl fuel, steel and musty leather,as far as I could tell but to him it was a freindly pat on the shoulder and brotherly punch in the arm.
I forgot the camera so there are no pics for this day. pooh!

then seattle and the space needle and the amusement park at the bottom.

To my wonderful Lovely BF, who had instant family for a week and survived,

and who could resist a visit to the troll-under-the-bridge?
Yes folks that's a real VW bug under the trolls hand!
and in true boy fashion, my DS wondered "Wouldn't it be cool if someone was stuck in there?"
to which I asked "you got anyone in mind?"
"Uh, no. I just wondered."he replied, and he got thoughtful. maybe his imagination just supplied the answer.

I had a wonderful busy week with the kiddies all to myself,
and now they are gone home and it's lonely here.


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