Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Linky party post!

 I have joined in on Thearica's to-do-list linky party

 this is where the rubber hits the road folks you join in and hope for the best,
 on all those UFO's y'all have laying around gathering ort's!

I'm still having picture import problems so bear with me on this initial post I will be adding them as soon as I wrestle gimp to the mat!
(got gimp in a half nelson but I'm not sure it will hold!)

let's see my list,  I have 4 boxes waiting for completion, pictures and posting them in the store.

I have joined another (godness help me!) RR on stumpwork and I have NO idea's. but we need 1 more person so I have time to come up with something, maybe not clever but something

I need to work on my heritage quilt,  I have 3 more panels to do +the borders, which will depict where i am now, the finishing touches on the seems between panels and the binding. but I can't show you to much on that they don't like it in competitions if you show off.

I need also to finish my "skeleton of old love" embroidery. the skelly is mostly done I need to do the chair she (I think she has a wide enough pelvic circle-thankyou Bones!) sits on, the harp she's playing and the background.

not to mention the 2 hankie quilts languishing in my to-do file along with an old-old RR that came back in a disappointing state.

oh and it suddenly became spring around here 
(it snowed for 2 days last week!)     and the garden needs me too! 

so, what have you all been up to?  ;)



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