Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Everette Quilt show

I was putting it off but now it's here and I am having a serious bout of WHADIDIDooo!
I have entered 4 of my crazy quilts in the Everette quilt show this weekend, April 25th-27th.
I am to be judged and I am nervous! Will this be good? bad? will no one notice?
why do I feel like I'm going out on my first date on live tv? Oh and I'm 14 again. UGH!
I do this as a challenge to myself. One doesn't know if one is any god until you go out and show other people right? the worst they can say is, Meh. Right?

1 comment:

DONNA D said...

Even if the judges don't like them you will learn what they are looking for. I hope I can get there to see them in person. You know I will love them. Your work is always so beautiful and individual!


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