Friday, December 11, 2015

November CQJP

 Here she is naked as a jay-bird

now you see this little dragonfly?

not a big motif right?

I want to show you how she changed the whole look of this block but I'll get to that later

here's where designing gets fun or frustrating depending on which side of the dime your on.

to counterbalance this big crochet flower I had to do a little fiddling which turned into a lot of fiddling

the white ferns are one part then came more fern and green SRE roses and white trim.

I knew I wanted fans on this block so here is the beaded one

 and here is the embroidered one, with more ferns, in green this time

and a nice bit of button floozy going on there as a seam treatment

and here's the fun part, I told you I'd get to it!

this block looks ok

but there's this big empty spot my eye keeps catching on up at the top

and with the block being so busy everywhere else

it draws your eye to it and doesn't let it go

and this is where the dragonfly comes in to save the day

as you can see it's not a big motif

but it's just enough of a bridge to keep your eye moving around the block and not just stopping

right there

I might even put something small and brown, in that bit of blazing white, under the beaded fan as it's beginning to bother me now........


Marilyn said...

Looks good but I see what you mean about the white. I often find once I put a picture on my computer I can see areas that might need improvements or changes. Nice block though :)

Renee said...

Flora, what a gorgeous block! Your dragonfly balanced your work beautifully!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Isn't it amazing how a little motif can change it up. Beautiful block.
Merry Christmas


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