Friday, January 23, 2015

CQJP blocks and ....

I wanted to start my CQJP blocks earlier

I thought I had enough of that paisley fabric to do at least one block but no

I couldn't even find a lousy scrap to show
 what I was looking for!

Then whoopiee!
Of all places, I found it at Jo-anne's, at a deep discount! yay!

So I could finally start on the silly thing.
I got 2 blocks done yesterday, with more to come.

Because well I hate this part. it's a chore, that once done the fun can start!

While I was at it, I finished another little purse

Oh! I was published again, in Canadian embroidery, in Kerry's article on bullion stitch!
So, lots of stuff happening.

But that's the way it goes isn't it?

Sometimes, it feels like you can't get a single thing done and then bam! everything, all at once!

Now I need to start on the BJP and a RR I just got into, maybe do laundry.........


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Lovely blocks! Your fabric choices are beautiful. Congrats on being published again. I need to get busy. Flu is gone, but now my right shoulder is giving me fits. I need some SUN!!
xx, Carol

Conversations from my House said...

Crazy quilting is on my to do list this year. I have collected up lacy bits, beads and beaded items, fancy fabrics and some not so fancy and I have more than enough embroidery supplies to make hundreds... just have to finish a couple of must dos.... then I am off. Your blog should give me some inspiration that I sorely need. said...

Glad to meet you! I am having a lot of fun seeing all the great inspiration, so many new ideas! L

Cherie said...

OOOh I love drooling over gorgeous crazy quilts. I will one day get around to making one myself


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