Sunday, January 26, 2014

monk from uncle update

I have finally finished with all that blue!
here is the detail on the gold work outlining the water at the bottom, I think I will not outline the lily with gold as well. it stands out well all on its own merits.

 while i love how it turned out, split stitching the whole thing was a trial

I'm still not sure I like how the satin stitch came out on the cross run at the top I may have to pull some of that and do it differently.

If anyone has any suggestions there I would appreciate it!
although the crosses themselves came out nice, the Franciscan, the notre dame and the "law" cross

I also found some excellent braid to outline the whole blazon with.

once I put that on the whole thing started looking more "official"


UrbanFrog said...

Beautiful work, as always :) Coming along very nicely. I really like how you did the fingers on the hand - they show as fingers so well! With regards to the satin stitch on the crosses, I have two possible suggestions. The first is to slant the satin stitch rather than doing it parallel to the edges - I always think this gives a neater look to satin stich (like it is done on the lower half of the white arm). The second possibility which always looks nice is a basket stitch, which gives a very neat, tidy, even shape to geometrics like crosses.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Amazing stitching! And such a lot of work. I was wondering how you are progressing on this piece. Thanks for the update.


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