Monday, December 3, 2012

what have I been doing?

well there's a story there.

 A little story.

I've been making purses.

 lots and lots of purses.
I've dubbed them Saddlebags.

 i road tested them on my 17 year old by making her a star wars themed purse.

she could put all her stuff in it

while she bopped around the city for the summer with friends.

 then it turned into a school bag that holds all the stuff that she doesn't want to get smooshed in her backpack.

 so it's been thrown around used as a pillow, sat on, thrown in the wash, dragged on the floor and generally beat up and tortured

 then she thought I would be able to sell them at the annual Christmas bazaar at school. so I set about making a few out of material I already had on hand.

 I made a promise to myself I was not going to buy more fabric for future projects I was never getting to, no matter how amazing the fabric was.

so I had a backlog of fabric to choose from

I sewed and sewed and eventually ended up with 35 fun and unique bags to sell at the bazaar.

I also took some of my cq stuff. I got lots of compliments and questions about CQ which are nice

I didn't sell any thing.

so now I have lots of Christmas presents and new items up in the ETSY store

and a rather cynical view of bazaars.


Gerry Krueger said...

It's my opinion that people go to craft fairs and bazaars just to get ideas for thing they can make themselves... They sure don't want to pay for your time... Gerry K.

21 jacement

StasaLynn said...

Your purses are awesome and I think all of your friends and family are very blessed to receive one for Christmas. Hope you are not too tainted on the whole Bazaar thing!

Merry Christmas


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