Sunday, October 7, 2012

August BJP done

 now I'm only 2 months behind!

the last BJP was about stargazing

so this months BJP is about the sun.

I don't know if you realize just how unusual it is to have more than a whole week with out rain around here.

well we've had a record breaking 50+ days without rain and frankly it's beginning to freak people out around here!

they are not used to sunshine.

so it is in celebration of the suns continued presents that I have constructed my BJP

don't look a gift horse in the mouth, I say!
I have harvested enough tomatoes this season to make spaghetti sauce and for that I am profoundly happy, with this continuous, if misbehaving, orb!


Windsong Journals said...

Wonderful beadwork!

Robin said...

Celebration of sun, Mama Bear! Wonderful piece... love the shape and the gold with red.


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