Thursday, May 10, 2012

velvet and peacocks

 I have finished the peacock!

it took a little longer than I expected

mostly because I stopped working on it for a while

all those fiddly little gold french knots!

and the beads

it still needs something more but I'll leave that for later.

here's the whole thing!  now to embroider more stuff on this puppy!


magicmoonmusings said...

Such beautiful stitching, the peacock looks gorgeous!!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

OOOO...Its beautiful! Thank you too for all the close-ups of your work.

Rita in Kansas said...

I love this dress,you know I still have the dress I got from india 35 years ago with patchwork and embroidery,was my favorite and my maternaty dress till I gained some pounds and I hope to fit into it soon,but i can`t wait to see what you do next with it so I will go now and look for velvet fabric ,thank you for sharing this,love it!


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