Saturday, January 28, 2012

Fools Gold RR

 I have joined the "Fools Gold" RR with Gerry it starts on Feb15th and I'm soo excited!

I have dabbled in glodwork before,I've wanted to try more but haven't gotten arountuit so this should be a good kick in the pants to get going on that!

I bought these two books for the occasion, this one just looked so interesting I had to try it and the one below I've been coveting for a while and now is as good a time as any..

I've looked through both of them and there is  gorgeous eye candy in both of them but the first has more" how to do  it" in it.

both are sumptuous and informative
the second having more history and the first having more of a beginners feel to it.

and here are the blocks I will be sending out to Janet.

I though goldwork would stand out excellently on a field of burgundy.

I'm hoping for jacobean flowers and bugs!

I can't wait to start!


Gerry Krueger said...

Oh how I love your blocks... I was hoping I'd get to do at least one Jacobean flower.... perfect! Gerry

Jane said...

These are awesome blocks for the goldwork RR Flora... I'm sure you'll be showing us some great stitching. BTW, your blog looks great, glad you got it whipped into shape, LOL


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